Design Principles

Simplicity and usefulness

Mined follows the design philosophy of being simple and intuitive. That means, users should be enabled to perform the most frequent editing tasks without having to study and learn a peculiar interface first.
This basic approach is supplemented by a good range of text editing capabilities including dedicated navigation support as well as layout support for plain text and program files.


Unlike other editors that support plain text mode, mined is affirmative toward the conveniences of modern user interface paradigms, like concise and comprehensive menus, mouse control including mouse wheel scrolling, scrollbar navigation. It does not impose on you the restrictive paradigms and weird interactive hassles of editors that evolved from line-oriented tools.

Internationalisation and legacy support

For character encoding support, mined has the design philosophy of having everything on board so that e.g. CJK display and input methods run “out of the box” without any extra configuration and without depending on the operating system environment. This enables Unicode support, character display and input even on old systems that do not provide this support themselves.

Serving as a tool

Mined design claims that an editor should be a tool providing the best usage value for daily editing tasks. It should not be an editing system that defines a “way of life” with peculiarities and setup hassles.